Consumer products are the largest product group for Multy; customers categorize these as FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), with the following subdivisions:

Household Cleaning Products
All items used for cleaning and maintenance at home. Examples are scourers, sponges, viscose cloths, microfibre cloths, household gloves, etc. Many different variants of these products are produced so as to be able to offer a very specific and suitable range for each customer.

Body Care
Multy has developed a range of bath sponges in different models, which offers the right variant for every skin type and application. The specially developed foams vary from extremely soft to very hard and have different properties such as absorption capacity, moisture-retaining capacity, massage effect, etc. Often these different materials are combined in one product.

Car Maintenance
Our vehicles consist of many different materials. Multy offers a complete range to optimally clean these without damaging them. Examples are soft cloths for the interior and specific sponges for light-alloy wheels, windows and bodywork.